Meet Maya



I’m a simple girl, really.
Give me hot cups of tea, old bossa nova records, a few bushels of pink peonies and I’m yours.

As the owner and lead designer behind Poppy Love I am endlessly inspired by the amazing couples and families that I meet. Helping them celebrate the love they share is simply the best job ever.

I hail from a not so little country in South America called Brasil, so good food, moody music, and eclectic style are common threads in my life. Some of the things that make me happy are yoga, gardening, home decorating and a good old fashioned book {the kind printed on paper}. I believe in serendipity, rooting for the underdog and midnight snacks. I am prone to bursting out into dance when I’m alone and I don’t let a single day go by without feeling grateful. I share a cozy home with my wonderful husband & our excitable {but highly loveable} French Bulldog, and I would absolutely love to meet you.